Why Vaccines Can Kill You

Why Vaccines Can Kill You

Before you shoot me for the title, please know I'm not against the science of vaccines.

I believe in medical technology. It saves many lives and keeps many more alive everyday.

To be objective is to see the good in everything but to also recognize the harm.

Millions are injured and many die from adverse drug reactions every year.

We are really in our infancy of medical technology. I'm excited for the future of stem cells and 3D printed organs. All of it is pretty amazing... If you can afford these technologies that is.

Like all medicine, vaccines have side effects, many of which you may not be aware of.Universal-Flu-Vaccine1

According to the federal vaccine court system, vaccines have caused everything from SIDS to Autism.

Now these may not be common, but adverse reactions do happen all the time and it's really just the nature of medicine.

Humans have the nasty habit of all being different :-), so chemistry for one person is not always the same for another.

We have paid out about 3 billion in tax dollars to the families that have been injured by vaccines.

And most families aren't even aware of the federal vaccine court.

Vaccines are federally protected. You can't sue the doctors, the nurses, or the manufacturer's in civil court if you have an adverse reaction to the vaccine.

Since the early 1900's our lifespans have improved dramatically, and many epidemic diseases of the past are virtually non-existent.

Polio, for instance, was an epidemic--a naturally occurring bacteria that will always exist.

The spread of it through fecal matter 100 years ago was quite bad. We didn't have the sewer, sewage, and fresh water systems we have today.

Disease does not have the same means for spreading today as it used to.us-measles

These days our big diseases are heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

The U.S. gives credit to vaccines, but environment is another important factor.

Over the last 50 years we have experimented heavily with vaccines.

Many have been changed or pulled off the market for harmful mass side effects--without informing the public.

The important thing is your ability to choose, and here is why:

Every once in awhile people make mistakes. We're human, and 'to err is to be human'.

Vaccines have also had 'bad batches' go out, which means they can be contaminated and dangerous.

A vaccine is made in the cheapest way possible--with chemicals and preservatives that are considered toxic, but are deemed safe due to safety studies saying side effects are a low enough percentage.

The argument is then a numbers game. You play Russian Rouelette with a 1/200 gun to lower your chances of playing with a 1/100 gun--results not guaranteed.

The fact is, a vaccine can kill you or your child. It has before and it will again.vaccination

Vaccines can affect you or your child adversely and possibly very slowly, appearing as learning disabilities, or worse.

Everyone is concerned about the greater good, but an un-vaccinated person only takes the risk for themselves.

Vaccines themselves don't always work. The last few measles outbreaks have been blamed on un-vaccinated children, but many of infected were from outside the US visiting here and many of the infected had the measles vaccine.

Just so you know in the U.S., zero children have died from contracting measles in the last 10 years. However, in the same period of time, 108 children have died from the measles vaccine, according to the VAERS database.

Government regulation is supposed to protect us from possibly harmful medical technology, but the fact is they care more about the masses than the individual. Therefore we don't always get the whole truth.

The one thing you always need to remember is that when your healthcare or your sick-care profits somebody, there is always a conflict of interest.

Medical decisions regarding medications, surgeries, and vaccines every day are made for income not health.

When I have children I will look at every vaccine objectively--the ability to treat the child in worst case scenarios vs. the possible side effects you aren't being told each vaccines does have.

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