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Do you know what happens to fat when you're "burning" it off?

It's a common misconception that it's burnt up or disappears from your body by turning into energy.

Fat is really just triglycerides stored (hydrogen, carbon, oxygen).

Fat is consumed, but not in the way you think. When fat leaves the body, 85% of it leaves as carbon dioxide through the lungs, and 15% leaves through water.

The fat cell itself never actually goes away, it just shrinks when it releases the carbon from its cell.

OXYGENair and water 5

Studies show that a human's normal breathing only uses about 1/5th of their lungs.

When studying deep breathing, it was discovered that during a 15 minute period of deep breathing, the use of lung capacity and increased use of the diaphragm burned 140% more calories than using an exercise bike over the same period of time.

Increasing the oxygen in your body helps oxidize the triglycerides in your fat and release the carbons from your lungs.

Here's an example: In order to burn (22 lbs.) of fat, a person needs to inhale (64 lbs. of) oxygen. The chemical process of burning that fat will produce (62 lbs. of) carbon dioxide and (24 lbs. of) water, the researchers calculated.

You can read more about this research here: http://www.bmj.com/content/349/bmj.g7257

Now I'm not suggesting you replace your exercise with just breathing, however the additional focus on it can increase your results dramatically.

Oxygen also is our main source for energy, healing and fighting disease.

WATERair and water 6

Water is the source of all life. A healthy human being should be 70% water.

On average, the Americans I test can be as low as 40% water.

This means their bodies are actually struggling just to function, their blood and inter-cellular fluid is unable to deliver oxygen and nutrients that it should, or excrete wastes simply because the delivery system is hampered from lack of water.

When the body is dehydrated, the kidney function is slowed. This also puts more pressure on the liver to do its job.

One of the liver's jobs is to help burn stored fat for energy.

Simply adding more water helps your body metabolize fats for energy.

This is also why it's harder to burn more fat when you drink alcohol, because you're taxing your liver and kidneys more.air and water 4

In conclusion, Air & Water can help provide life changing results for your energy levels, your performance, your body's ability to heal, function, fight disease and even help you burn more body fat.

(This does not mean they are a total replacement for bad eating habits and no exercise.)

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