The One Thing

Life is a journey they say, and education doesn't stop after you leave school.

How often do you invest in yourself, to learn how to do what you do better?

Do you take the time to learn more about who you are, and how you can do business?

Are you constantly improving yourself?

This week I invested in a training that enabled me to meet Gary Keller, and hear him teach about Empire Building.

He spoke about his successes and failures, growing from 250 realtors to 146,000 realtors and being now the number 1 residential realtor in the world.

I've decided to share to bit of wisdom that I have learned from Gary.

The First Bit of Wisdom is from his book "The One Thing".

1.“What is the ONE Thing I could do, such that by doing it everything else would be easier or unnecessary?”

At Think Great Lose Weight, we have recently been applying this to our business and our personal lives; and I must say, it's accurate.

Nowadays we fill our lives with so many 'to-do's, but not necessarily 'need-to-do's. 

Our busy lives are full of things that maybe we don't need to be doing at all.ToDoList

Look at your to-do list for tomorrow and ask yourself, "Which 20% of these things will give me 80% results (Simple Pareto Principle), and then what is the ONE Thing on this list that will make everything easier?"

The other topic that Gary spoke about was:

2. Digital vs. Physical

I believe I was coming of age during the physical era, but also while digital was expanding.

My focus for years when working for other people was always digital first.

However, when I started my first company, I was scared of technology and that type of advertising.

I used print ads, cards and mailers. I had a physical location, brick and mortar, and it was expensive to manage and keep up.

I was doing 80% physical/20% digital.

My first business was not successful.

The 2nd business I started was all about focusing on no cost; 'what are the free mediums I can use?'

Digital became my focus and I was 80% digital, had less overhead, and only physical where I had to be (20%).

This business was wildly more successful, but I had to learn a new set of skills.

Gary explained about how many companies have been "Netflixed"--basically destroyed by technology.

Netflix's competitors living in the physical mindset are only doing what digital they have to to get by.

But the companies focusing on a digital mindset are the future.welcome_to_the_future

It's going to change whether you like it or not.

Here is my guidance for you:

Be focused. What is the wrong thing you can do that will make everything easier or unnecessary every day, in every aspect of your life.


Focus yourself on how you can use technology to set yourself apart in business as a strategy.

Yours in health, wellness and gratitude,

Chris VanBerg
Think Great Lose Weight
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