Top 10 Healing Super Fruits

I encourage the making of smoothies… I also believe in the power of grocery store foods to reverse symptoms and disease by understanding the published research on phyto-nutrients we have found in grocery store foods. Most people are totally unaware of this knowledge, but 40% of commercial based medications are based […]

Making the same mistakes

Making the same mistakes AGAIN? More than ten years ago I started this mission of helping people, but back then it was mostly physical exercise and nutrition. There were so many people that—even though I knew how to physically help them with training and their diet—had so many struggles with […]

My stomach hurts

“My stomach hurts.”  This seems to be the theme of the week. I’ve had clients coming to me from all around struggling with stomach issues. Stomach and digestive issues are tricky: there is no one-stop-shop fix for them; it’s a process of elimination game. So let’s play the game! You […]

Foods that attack your body

Let’s look at auto-immune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis or celiac disease… We really don’t know crap about how to treat most auto-immune disease because we still don’t know the causes (I discuss this in reference to arthritis and fibromyalgia in my last blog post). We know while suffering from an […]

4 Uncommon Sources for Bone Strength 1

When I first started helping my mother with her Fibromyalgia, I was carefully observing all of her symptoms. Like many dis-eases, there is no test for Fibro—doctors just test and classify symptoms and name the dis-ease for diagnosis. In my opinion, doctors treating Fibromyalgia this way seems to be their […]