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Health Coaches - Brian Johnson & Chris VanBerg

health coaches - Brian Johnson & Chris VanBerg

"Think Great and Lose Weight" is focused on you and your families well-being. With over 40 years between them and thousands of clients supported, Chris VanBerg and Brian Johnson choose to share their experiences and knowledge with you as health coaches.

Are YOU experiencing PAIN, SUFFERING and LACK?
Pain is inevitable and suffering is optional. After working with over 18,000 case studies Chris and Brian have designed specific systems to meet you where you are, help you identify where you desire to be and help you create a plan for your success while supporting you all along the way.
Chris and Brian are normal people just like you. They have had MANY struggles, pains and lack in their own life and know what it takes to get from the VERY bottom back to the top! Coming from this place they talk to anyone from a complete place of love and no judgement about struggles their clients are going through. They share their personal stories daily to help people relate and understand the steps to live a more powerful fulfilled life.

"Think Great and Lose Weight" is focused on you and your ability to Break Free from your Pain, Struggle and Lack into the life YOU DESERVE and DESIRE. With over 40 years between them and thousands of clients supported, Chris VanBerg and Brian Johnson choose to share their experiences, knowledge and resources with you as expert health coaches.

Our country is looming on a crisis full of lies and marketing, and the truth about our health has been kept from us. We are being told we are genetically weak and our illnesses need to be managed through pharmaceuticals. The real truth is genes can be recessed and expressed through our lifestyle. Our human body is amazing at healing itself, provided it has the right building blocks and you have the right mindset. We provide the tools and support around your lifestyle, nutrition, mindset and daily accountability for guaranteed success all through holistic methods.
We are here to help and serve, with proven methods and systems we have used thousands of times before and share that experience with you.

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