Get in the Best Physical Shape of Your Life: 4 Simple Steps

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I used to have the mindset in which I believed I could eat whatever I wanted, as long as I worked out hard enough.

Time proves this is wrong for everyone.

Even if you have the metabolism to work off a bad diet, your immune system will eventually give into not having enough nutrients.

Exercise does play a key role in your health, however.

Our bodies are chemical machines that are designed to move, flow, and process our nutrients. If we don't we become stagnant.

My clients asked me what the best workout is that they could do all the time.

Here is how you can create your own exercise rhythm that will be easy to upkeep:

1.) SET A GOAL. Commit to a race, or goal, a body composition metric and don't stop until you reach that goal. Then set a new goal. The human condition to be successful has a need to always be striving for something. Focus on the emotional reward of achieving your goal instead of the struggle to get it.

2.) DO EXERCISE THAT FITS YOUR GOAL. If you'd like to put on muscle, that requires a specific type of strength building workouts. If your desire is to lose weight, than your focus should be more on cardiovascular and light workouts. If your goal is to improve functionality or flexibility than your focus should be on stretches and yoga.exercise

3.) DO WHAT YOU LOVE. There are all types of ways to exercise and most of them don't have to be laborious or boring. You should not have to force yourself to do exercise.

There are lots of fun ways to move your body that you may enjoy. Try new things every week or two until you find something you love.

For me it's volleyball. I didn't pick it up til my mid-20's and now I've been playing for 10 years. Yes, I do other activities, but 3 days a week I play my favorite sport. I love yoga, running, swimming, paddle-boarding, rock climbing, tennis, soccer, thai boxing, jiu jitsu, wrestling, jump rope, mountain biking, hiking, and even walking my dogs. I had to try dozens of other things that weren't my favorite, but now I have lots of things I love to do.

4.) SCHEDULE IT. If it's not in my calendar it doesn't exist. If I only go to the gym when I feel like it, half the time I won't go. It's should be just as much as part of your day as eating your food. No excuses: just schedule and execute.

If you're at the point in your life now, where you feel it's time to take action on a long-time goal or desire, or you're ready to take your body to the next level physically and nutritionally, setup a time to chat with me by clicking here. 

Yours in health, wellness and gratitude,

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