Fitness Health vs. Real Health

Knowing the difference between fitness health and real health.


10 years ago I got really good at "fitness nutrition".

I didn't realize at the time that that wasn't actually the key to true health.

You see, the fitness world has been practicing one aspect of nutrition for decades: body fat manipulation.

They have become extremely and proficiently accurate at calculating body fat composition and manipulation.

They do this through calorie and macro nutrient calculations.

There is a fine art to helping somebody increase their muscle tissue, lose fat bass and overall developing a leaner physical body.

We often put value in what we see in pictures. We look at somebody's muscular, lean body thinking that is an epitome of health.

What you don't see is the Dark side of their struggles: arthritis, acidic bodies, hormone manipulation struggling energy and other diseases.

I have a friend who is an ex bodybuilder who takes chemotherapy for his autoimmune arthritis instead of eating vegetables raw which he calls "hippy-sh!t".

He gets worse every year but doesn't change his diet.

I know female competitors who have been in and out of the hospital for hormone issues and organs failing because they stayed at competitively low body fat for so long without the right diet.

True health doesn't mean that you look like you're in great shape; in fact, body composition has almost nothing to do with your actual real health.

If you are on a fitness diet and you look like you are physically healthy, you might eat better than say the average American.

But that doesn't actually mean you eat "healthy".


Is a majority of your diet made up of meat or fruits and vegetables?peas

Is what you're eating loaded with vitamins and minerals?
Do you reject fats because they make you fat?
Are all sugars the same?
Are you eating raw fruits and vegetables?

If you are an individual seeking a lean, toned body, don't believe that your personal trainer necessarily has the best information for you to be healthy.

If you are a fitness professional who maintains a nice, lean body over the course of the year, don't assume that you are "healthy" compared to the rest of the population.

There are some very crucial things you could be doing wrong.

Also, don't think it's one or the other. You can have both.

Most fitness people only know surface level nutrition, not the understanding that it's possible to be lean and really healthy at the same time.

All of your immune system--your brain chemistry, your hormone function, your ability to fight disease, your ability to rebuild and restore function in tissue--is all based off the vitamins and minerals that you get from your food, not just the protein carbs and fats that get you to your body composition.

Knowing the difference is the key to prosperity in your health.

Yours in health, wellness and gratitude,

Chris VanBerg

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