Do You Stress Eat?

How often does stress affect your eating?

Have you ever felt butterflies in your stomach?

A sadness in your chest that made it hard to breathe?

Anger in your neck or shoulders?

Feelings leave a profound impact on our physical body.

The inverse is also true...

Food, vitamins, minerals, etc can improve or degrade our emotional cookie

A warm chocolate chip cookie can feel like bliss for the few moments you are eating it.

There is always a connection between what we physically and emotionally feel.

Lots of times when clients come to me for diet changes it’s because they physically don’t feel good, and it’s difficult to be happy when your body feels like crap.

When Think Great Lose Weight first started--well over 10 years ago--with diet and training, we knew so much about macro-nutrients and the physical training to get somebody in the best shape of their lives...

...but so many people just couldn’t do it.

They would quit easily, or they could not stick to a strict diet.

Why is that?

Why is food so clutch for us?

Well the first problem is, many foods are literally engineered to be as addicting as possible.

Look at candy bars, chips and sodas that are chemically engineered to be addicting...

Coca Cola, for instance, is a beverage company that actually began with cocaine as one of their original ingredients. Since inception it has been designed to make the consumers want more.

A small, 12 oz can has over 50 grams of sugar!soda

That in itself would normally taste so sweet it would be disgusting to the consumer, but they also add sodium to add a sour taste, which blocks some of the sweetness.

Add some caffeine in there and the combination makes an endorphin dopamine release very similar to cocaine in their original product--causing you to be emotionally connected to a beverage due to the physical impact on your body.

Now not all foods are quite as manipulated as a soda, but let's review what we do know:

We have really become quite good at making delicious things--sweets, candies, bacon wrapped anything, fried everything and anything that our minds can imagine. we are surrounded with tempting foods and drinks that do not benefit our physical health.

Let’s face it--most people’s excuse of 'eating healthy is hard' is only because eating unhealthy is so easy.

What are some real scenarios that affect your success at being healthy (or not)?

You may walk around and say "I feel alright"...but maybe you don’t actually feel good all the time--and you definitely don’t feel great all the time.article-new_ehow_images_a04_t6_cm_recover-exhaustion-800x800

If this is the case, you may recognize that your overall well-being isn’t good.

If our relative normal isn't good, we turn to foods, alcohol or drugs--or anything that can either numb the pain or improve our mood.

So what can you do about it?

Well, you need  to improve all aspects of your health in order to feel better:

Your physical body, your emotions and your thinking.

When you're choosing to improve you health, you must pay attention to all three aspects.

  1. Eat foods the way nature intended (physical)
  2. Find peace in all the relationships in your life (emotional)
  3. Create new, positive ways to think about yourself, gratitude for your world around you, and an intense daily focus to improve your life every day (mental)

The rewards will be exponential.happy

Thanks for reading this post!

 ~Chris VanBerg

"If you don't make time for you WELLNESS, you will make time for your ILLNESS."

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