Is Your Career Your Purpose?

Do you ever meet people that just seem to glow?

People whose energy seems to empower you?

They appreciate you, make you feel special, valued...

They put their focus on you and are listen intently to you.

When you leave this earth, what do you desire to leave behind?

The money and material things you worked so hard at earning...

experiencing_joy...or the love and the warmth you left in the thousands you touched over the course of your life?

We're working so hard on educating our children to Earn Money, but not Earn Hearts.

We teach them to provide for themselves, but not provide for others.

We demonstrate to them strength in business, but not strength in character.

We've become so focused on external achievement...

...but we're missing the building blocks for internal happiness.

We're always posting on social media about all of our material or physical achievements, while pretending we don't have internal struggles.Struggle2_web_notxt

The greatest gifts we can give to others are the paths to overcoming the greatest obstacles and our biggest short comings... To be honest and true about our past, our mistakes, our true feelings.

I was a very successful sales guy. My passion for my job only reverberated with my paycheck.

After I reached a certain level of what I thought was success, I found myself empty, spending money on material things to fill the void with the temporary feelings I received from objects.

It was not until the realization that my mother was sick and dying of Fibromyalgia that my focus was finally off myself and onto something bigger:

How to help somebody I loved outside of myself.

In the study and the reverse of my mother's disease was a new-found cause, a realization that not only could I help others but that the reward in doing so was so much greater than any material object I could buy myself.

I went from a Career, to a Cause.

If your career is not aligned with your purpose, you will begin to feel a void that money can't fill.

Aligning purpose with career is what generations of people really need...dreamstime_xs_15921334-fork-in-the-road-350x274

...and only some are blessed enough to realize.

Thanks for reading this post!

~Chris VanBerg

"If you don't make time for you WELLNESS, you will make time for your ILLNESS."

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