7 Healthy Eating Tips for the Whole Family


Recently I have been engaged to consult whole families about implementing a health plan for their household.

I find that working with a family as a whole rather than just an individual is beneficial for multiple reasons.

-The whole family is taking initiative together to meet with me and then hold each other accountable

-The foods they buy as a family unit all serve the same goal (their health)

Here are some simple guidelines for families to improve their health as a whole:

  1. Cereal is not a healthy breakfast

For starters, it usually consists of wheat flour and milk, the two highest in-tolerances and allergies in the U.S.

A meal should always have protein, so eggs constitutes a higher quality breakfast. Egg is the most bioavilable protein, giving you great long lasting energy through the day. The egg yolk has Choline, Lutein, and Zeaxanthins which are great for the eyes and the brain. The healthiest way to eat them is over-easy.

2. Cut out flour products

Flour products do almost nothing for us nutritionally, and contain Wheat (#2) and Gluten (#9 Allergies in the U.S.)

If it's fiber you seek, eat more vegetables.

3. Eliminate processed foods

They're convenient but toxic.

Recent studies regarding processed meats have come out claiming they increase your chance of heart disease and cancer: click here to see the study 

There is also a good rule about buying box or canned products: if you find an ingredient listed on the packaging that you can't pronounce, it's probably best to avoid.

4. Reduce sugar intake

It's being said that diabetes is the next epidemic and it is diet caused.

Look at the products you buy: drinks, condiments, marinades, boxed products or anything with a label. If any of the top 5 ingredients are *sugars, it's probably best to find alternatives.

*Sugars ending in -ose include: Sucrose, Maltose, Dextrose, Fructose, Glucose, Galactose, Lactose, High fructose corn syrup, Glucose solids

5. Avoid drinking calories

What do you drink?

Soft drinks, energy drinks, gatorade, fruit juices, etc?

Most people are aware there are dangers to soft drinks and energy drinks, especially carbonated beverages with lots of sugar and phosphoric acid.

But be wary of juices as well. While juices are advertised as being healthy because of vitamins and minerals, they also contain lots of sugar without any fiber. It's better to consume the whole fruit--this means less sugar with the fiber and more vitamins.

Keep more fruit around the house.

6. Prepare more foodtupperware1

When you cook, cook a lot. Put the extra food in tupperware and have prepared meals that you or your family can grab when they're hungry.

People naturally will make bad decisions once they're hungry and food needs to be prepared.

Having ready-to-go meals helps when you're out and about too. You can bring food with you versus buying fast food while traveling.

7. Reward your family together

Instead of allowing junk food during the week, have the family eat healthy all week and together on the weekends celebrate and reward yourself and your family for having a great week and enjoy your favorite foods together.

If you would like to implement a health plan for your family, now is the time to schedule with me before the holiday rush.

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Click here to invest 5 minutes in this application and we will setup a consultation immediately.

Yours in health, wellness and gratitude,

Chris VanBerg
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