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A common practice here in the U.S. is to medicate any and all disease symptoms, rather than looking to the cause and treating them with grocery foods and food/herb based supplements.

I'm going to go over some common diseases/symptoms that you may be used to taking antibiotics and medication for, and I will suggest some food-based, cost-effective alternatives that you can implement in your diet right away.

1. There is something like 20 million prescribed antibiotics for viral infections in the United States a year.flu-shot22

So what that means is that people go to the doctor all the time when they have a virus or a flu. The doctor gives them a cold based antibacterial or something antibiotic that doesn't actually help them (and it actually weakens their immune system).

Viruses are common.

People don't like feeling bad. When they don't feel well, often their first reaction is, "I should go to the doctor. I'm stuffed up." They don't know what they have. The doctor doesn't even know what they have. They could have strep throat. There are lots of things that they could have that are similar symptoms, right? Sore throats, stuffy head, whatever.

Most people's reflex is, "I don't feel well, I gotta go to the doctor." Often the doctor sees you for five minutes, tops. Then they say, "I think you have this, here take this and go home."

Sometimes people go to the doctor and even demand antibiotics because they're so sure antibiotics is what will make them feel better. And that happens frequently because antibiotics made them feel better in the past, and so that's what they go for.

Now, the problem with antibiotics is they're antibacterial and most of your immune system is bacteria.

85% of your immune system is the digestive flora in your gut...

Killing that off doesn't make you stronger, it makes you weaker.

Most viruses go away in 24-48 hours.

Take the flu for instance. There are over 200 strains of a flu. The flu vaccine is only about the top three of the previous year's top three flu strains of the 200 plus strains in circulation. When they tell you you're getting a 'flu immunization', what they mean is they're going to give you some resistance to the flus that were popular last year. That's why some people get sick from them. There's alot of toxic stuff in vaccines.

So flu vaccines are mostly just marketing. They can't make the flu go away: there's 200 hundred plus strains of it.

But there are lots of foods that are extremely anti-viral and antibacterial. No matter what infection you might be having--a cold, a flu, a virus, even just fighting allergies--there's lots of foods that can support your immune system.

We have to recognize that antibiotics were based off of food. We found them in mushrooms.

So from an antibacterial's perspective or immune boosting perspective, here are some foods and herbs you can take to prevent or fight flus and viruses:

Echinacea. This is usually taken before you get sick.

Immune-System-Boosters-Image-300x199Colloidal silver. This is a plant-derived silver--extremely anti-viral and antibacterial.

Ginger and garlic. They're both antibacterial and antiviral.

Elderberry. It's like the blueberry's nasty, sour little cousin. It's one of the most antiviral things we have on the planet.

Monolaurin, which is derived from coconut. It's extremely antiviral. In fact, they're even using it in the Philippines to fight HIV. It's prescribed for herpes in Canada. It's the most over-the-counter, prescribed antiviral supplement.

2. Diabetes is the symptom. It's a symptom of producing too much insulin and your body is now rejecting it. That is the symptom from you doing the damage. The cure is to stop doing the damage.

Most diseases that we have in this country are the names of symptoms. Diabetes itself is actually a symptom.

Diabetes is diet-caused most of the time.

It's caused when you're eating so much glucose, fructose, sugar that your body becomes resistant to the insulin. It doesn't want it anymore, and glucose starts showing up in your urine streams.

If you are diabetic, here are some things you can do, right now, to make positive changes in your body (rather than just taking medication).

Stop eating so much glucose. Change your diet a keytogenic/fat-based one so that your body can learn to survive off fats.

bitter melonEat japanese cucumber (called 'bitter melon'). Eating bitter melon actually helps your body absorb nutrients. So it has a property just like insulin.

When your body is resistant insulin, you need to help your body absorb glucose without producing more insulin (thus allowing the body's insulin resistance to slowly fade away).

That's how you solve and cure diabetes.

Your cells are going to replicate, but the insulin resistance of the cells is not going to. So if overtime you stop doing all the damage, the body will heal and regenerate and the cells will become less insulin resistant.

cancer cell

3. We all develop cancer all the time. The emotional fear of death is cancer. When you're afraid of death your cells become afraid to die, and all of sudden they mutate and get out of control. 

What everybody thinks cancer is, is not the disease. It's a reaction to a weakened immune system.

Sometimes cells mutate. They get scared to die, so they start replicating out of control.

And that's literally what cancer cells are.

Cells are naturally supposed to replicate and just die and pass on their information to the next cells.

But when they are scared to die, they become immortal and start replicating out of control.

But a healthy immune system keeps cancer in check.

The cells growing out of control and replicating--that's not actually the cancer, that's the symptom of the cancer. That's your body saying "I can't take care of this anymore, I can't fight this off."

The disease itself is the inability to fight it off.

That's why, when doctors kill off those mutated cells, when they cut them out, when they burn them with radiation, when they poison them... that never solves the problem, because that's just the symptom.

If all you did was kill the symptom, well you never solved the problem.

The patient is just going to get cancer in another part of their body or the same part of their body a few years later.

If you are, or have been diagnosed with cancer in the past, know there are natural solutions that help.

Repairing your immune systems is vital for your longevity:

An alkaline based diet will help to stop the spread of cancer in your body.

There is a huge list of foods, that can inhibit cancer cell growth and cause apoptosis or cancer cell death for every single type of cancer. Please reach out to me for help. 

90% of the top causes of death are attributed to lifestyle habits, not genetics. 

We can only attribute about 3-4% of cancers to genetics. 45% of it is environment, which is basically what you feed yourself and do to yourself.

Heart disease--it's all about the way you eat. Thats why there are all these studies. We know that the way you eat and the way you treat your body is your likelihood of dying from heart disease. It's not some genetic failure or weakness of your body.

4. Your mother had heart disease and now you do too?

Well, it's because your mother taught you how to eat. You learned the same bad habits that your mom did.

Stroke is just another problem with circulation.

Statens are a terrible thing. Statens are there to help you manage your cholesterol. 80% of people that have heart attacks have normal cholesterol. So cholesterol is not the problem. But we prescribe statens, which have all types of side effects. People who take them are more likely to have diabetes, they're more likely to have strokes and neurological diseases. There's alot of problems.

We're trying to manage people's cholesterol, when cholesterol's not the problem.

Everyone can agree that arterial plaque is one of the main causes of heart disease.

Soluble fiber is so important for assisting our body in cleaning out our arterial plaque.

Foods like avocado with the seed has 15gr of soluble fiber, the most found in nature.

(Cheerios gets an endorsement from the American Heart Association because it has 1 gr of fiber.)

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