Grocery Store Knowledge

Grocery Store Knowledge

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 1.21.13 PMAre you struggling with Medication Dependence, Weight loss, Chemical imbalances, Pain or Dis-ease?

Take a second to imagine this:

Imagine going in the Grocery Store and understanding what foods to eat to reverse pains/symptoms, improve hormone function, reverse illnesses and empower your health.

How useful would this be for you? Did you know that Modern Medicine has only been around since the 1920's? 40% of Commercially available medications are based on isolated phyto-nutrients, that is everything from pain killers, antidepressants, antibiotics and more. There are 100's of published peer reviewed studies on foods from your grocery store.

We teach you the foods that have these properties, but without all the side effects and in the way God and Nature intended.

Our Grocery Store foods have the most Potent medicines available on the Planet in them. Have you have ever heard of some one dying from adverse reactions of vegetables and fruits?

Does it make sense to get sicker by putting poisons in our body to make it "Healthy"?

Many medicines are actually made from natural sources on our planet and MANY are right under our noses (until TODAY).

In my 45 minute Grocery Store video you will experience a Live-PERISCOPE.TV, interactive session with our community and explain, in great detail, what foods are best for what and how to make them work in your life.

Grocery Store Knowledge Preview