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I am Chris VanBerg and I LOVE OREO'S!


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My energy comes from inspiring other people to live a life of wellness. But like most people in my career path, I struggled on my own winding road to wellness. I started college several years earlier than my peers, and my immaturity did not blend well with an adult life, full of freedom but without direction.

Searching for my identity, I began traveling and exploring the world. Because I lacked boundaries and personal conviction, I found myself living on the fringes and caught up in drugs and partying. I was in a vicious cycle of self-medication and destructive behavior, which caused anxiety and depression. After a few years like this, my life was so out of control I had no choice but to abandon my home and start over in a new city.

It was the new start that I needed. I was able to successfully beat drug addictions and chemical withdrawals, I found my passion, my Fit Life. In 2003, I returned to Texas and met Brian Johnson. After studying and becoming experts in physical fitness and fitness nutrition, Brian and I founded our first business - Corporate FIT. It was the first endeavor that combined my love for people with wellness. I was finally living a life of health and purpose.

Soon after, my mother became ill. Once a dance teacher, she now suffered from debilitating pain. After nearly 7 years of symptoms, she was diagnosed Fibromyalgia. She befriended a woman with the same disease who suffered for 13 years before passing away. I was terrified my mother would suffer a similar fate and I wanted to find a way to help her. I began studying Food Based Healing and Symptom Reversal Nutrition. My mother, also committed to her wellness, worked with me to change her diet and water intake. After 5 months, her pain was gone and she was able to discontinue all her medications. Five years later, she is healthier than she has been in over a decade. She was even able to go back to her lifelong passion, teaching dance!

After the success my mother experienced, I immersed myself in nutrition and health through food. Soon, more and more people were seeking my help. Traditional western medicine had failed them and they desperately sought symptom relief.

The more people I helped with diet, the more I began to realize there was still something missing.  I saw that there is an emotional component to accomplishing goals. This pushed me toward my study of Body Language, Conscious Language, Acupressure and Counseling. My life and my ability to help serve people grew exponentially. I was asked to teach the “Healthy Living for Leaders” course by Leadership Austin. Radio interviews with the Good Living Club and The Low Carb Paleo Show soon followed. I was even asked to do a piece in Men’s Health Magazine.

Brian and I began teaching nutrition classes for multiple churches in the area. We also assisted Life Austin with their “The Biggest Loser” weight loss challenge. We created the curriculum for the challenge, which had over 50 participants. We focused on the 4 on the four basics - air, water, food and consciousness; the four key pillars to health. When we coach clients we help them focus on all areas of their life: goal setting, social life, relationships, home environment, home cooking, physical activity, health, education, career, finances, creativity, spirituality and joy. Our holistic approach allows for amazing lifestyle transformation for those that are ready and desire to be their best.

I believe that in order to be successful, your mind, body and spirit need to move in the same direction. I am ready to make that happen with you.

I view the coaching I do as a joint venture in a new journey of wellness.
Interested in working with me?
Here’s what we would do to get started:

1. We would identify the pain & beliefs that hold you back.

2. This would be followed by a plan (that we both create), for which you are held accountable.

3. Add a dose of nutrition, a dash of education, continuous counseling and a few hugs and celebrations along the way.
This is my prescription for helping you achieve your goals and becoming the highest possible version of yourself.

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Every client is confidential unless they choose to share their testimony.

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