Brian Johnson

I am Brian Johnson and I LOVE RED VELVET CUPCAKES and PIZZA!

Human Performance:

  • (NASM) National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • (NCSF) National Council on Strength and Fitness
  • (BSMI) Baylor Sports Medicine Institute
  • (ISSA)   International Sports Science Association
  • (IFPA)  International Federation of Professional Athletes
  • (NSCA) National Strength and Conditioning Association
  • Touch For Health 1
  • Touch For Health 2
  • Mastery Systems Life Upgrade Coaching
  • Mastery Systems Conscious Language Human Operating Systems
  • Mastery Systems Sacred Body Language Translations


  • Institute of Integrative Nutrition
  • Conquering Any Disease- Eastern Medicine Food Based Healing-SSQ
  • Conscious Human Operating Upgrade Coach-Mastery Systems University

Baylor Sports Medicine Institute Certifications:

  • (BSMI-CPT) Complete Personal Training
  • (BSMI-RES) Rehabilitation Exercise Specialist

National Academy of Sports Medicine Certifications:

  • (NASM-OPT) Optimal Performance Training
  • (NASM-PES) Performance Enhancement Specialist
  • (NASM-CES) Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • (NASM-CPT) Complete Personal Training

What people care about...
While I specialize in helping you get back on track and achieve your goals, I am a real person. I know what it’s like to put on 60 pounds on 3 different occasions, and the struggle to take it off! I know all about drowning life’s pain and emotions with cupcakes and pizza. As an emotional eater, I can relate to those moments when nothing but the things I shouldn’t eat seem like just the thing to make me feel better. As many of you I have had my ups, downs and my struggles! Blessedly for you, I have a couple fancy titles and a lifetime of education, experience and earned wisdom that I use to help you make better choices to balance your life and get you back up to thriving! We are human, and none of us are perfect all the time. This is my approach, it’s simple. You require being armed with the right knowledge and accountability that helps you gain the right focus. I give you the tools and daily accountability you require and help you transition and change the behaviors that are not getting you where you desire to be.

I started in the wellness industry at age 7 when I started working out with my dad in our garage. I had my 1st gym membership at Worlds Gym where I worked out with my older brother when I was in the 5th grade. I was always involved in working out, playing basketball, football and running track. Going into college, I decided to make this my career. I focused on a degree in sports management and biomechanics because my love for the health and wellness field is unquenchable! This led me into 10 years of working my way up the corporate ladder at 24 Hour Fitness. After running training departments for 7 years I figured out what my real goal was, and that is to help people with the quality and quantity of their life by developing an easy to follow health coaching program that helps people with their goals and teaches them to thrive. I entered the corporate wellness market with a simple plan that anyone can follow. Through education, accountability, compassion and tough love, I teach people and businesses an easy to follow plan with the components: Air, Water, Food and Consciousness. These components can be implemented at any point in time, right there on the spot. Understanding the powerful impact that each component has can and will make a potentially dramatic impact on the individual as well as the business.

With this goal in mind I turned my focus to corporate wellness thus starting CorpFIT and Think Great Lose Weight which is where our program took off like a rocket! Over the last 3 years we have been blessed to help teach the “Healthy Living for Leaders” to the Leadership Austin program a long side HEB. This has been an awesome experience for us to be able to educate the upcoming leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners on holistic health and wellness!

Over the years I have invested over 70,000 hours in my education and experience and served over 15,000 people! I have worked directly with both doctors’ and chiropractors’ assisting with the post-surgery rehabilitative process for spinal fusions, prosthetic limbs and joints. My true passion is public speaking and working with people’s lifestyles, language, body language and their nutrition with a very unique health coaching skill set through utilizing the understanding of food based healing and symptom reversal in conjunction with understanding the power of our words through conscious language and sacred body language. The experience of working with this amount of people has allowed me to be an amazing blessing to people and I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve in the area I am graced to be in! In conjunction to these areas I focus on all these aspects of life: goal setting, social life, relationships, home environment, home cooking, physical activity, health, education, career, finances, creativity, spirituality and joy. My holistic approach allows for amazing lifestyle transformation for those that are ready and desire to be their best.

All that sounds real impressive, but the proof is in the pudding (or Cupcakes and Pizza). We all have pitfalls, but my program arms my clients with the right knowledge, accountability and the tools to work right and maximize their time while achieving their goals-

If YOU don’t make time for your WELLNESS, you WILL make time for your ILLNESS”

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