4 Ways to Gain Healthy Weight


Are you someone who, rather than wanting to lose weight, are actually searching for a way to maintain (or gain) good, healthy weight?

This is something I am often helping clients with.

People can struggle to keep weight on for a number of reasons.

Sometimes they're physically active, sometimes they're not active.

Sometimes they have a hyperactive thyroid.

Sometimes they just have a really strong metabolism and they struggle to keep weight on.

Being unable to maintain a healthy weight can be just as much of a problem as losing weight.

So, how DO you gain and maintain healthy, good weight?

There are different parts to this, which we will look at.

If you have a hyper-active thyroid, there are foods that can naturally slow down your metabolism.

Not sure if you have a hyperactive thyroid? 

A lot of thyroid tests (to see if you have a hyperactive thyroid) aren't great and always, their goal is to put you on medication. That's a big complaint for me.

But you can know by the signs in your body.

If you're extremely lean no matter what you eat, you probably have a hyperactive thyroid--unless you've been developing your metabolism over years, and you're a very fit and active person.

In that case you probably don't have a hyperactive thyroid, you just have good genetics for staying lean.

If you're struggling to keep weight on and are almost too skinny, than you may have a hyperactive thyroid. It could be a fine line.

But you don't have to look at a hyperactive thyroid as a disease, just a difference in your body.

Goitrogenic foods slow down your metabolism naturally.cruciferous-vegetables-thinkstock-166766367-617x416

Most of the cruciferous vegetables are goitrogenic, like broccoli, radishes, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, etc. They slow down your thyroid over time.

George W. Bush has a hyperactive thyroid, and there was a book written called, "Why George Bush Should Eat Broccoli."

So, how do you gain weight, whether you have a hyperactive thyroid, or just a lean body and fast metabolism?

Here are some good tips:

1. Eat enough of the right foods. You have to have a good amino acid profile, which means lots of dark, leafy greens, lots of proteins, and foods that will help you put on that muscle weight type.

2. Eat regularly and often. It's not about eating so much in a single meal, but eating regularly even if you're not quite hungry yet, to put on that weight.

3. Eat before bed. People are often afraid of eating before bed, but if you're eating good, clean, healthy food, you're never really going to gain fat, especially if you're eating proteins and vegetables. If you ate alot of carbohydrates before bed, you could possibly gain water weight or fat, because it's unused energy. But you're about to go into the main restorative states of your day. Your body does a lot of healing and growth at night (so having nutrients in your body before you go to sleep at night can make a big difference if you're trying to gain weight naturally).cracked-coconut-with-peels

4. Eat more fats.
 Fats are high in calories and they're very satiating. So eating more almonds, walnuts, and coconut will never really cause you to gain fat. Fat eaten is not fat created on the body. There's a big difference there. But it's very high calorie. And if you really want to put more calories in and you want to put some weight on, it requires more caloric intake. So fats help with that.

If you're struggling with weight gain or weight loss, or a hyperactive thyroid, let's talk:

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