2 Healthy Ways to Lose Weight Quickly

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There are many ways you can lose weight quickly, but only a couple that I've found that are healthy, sustainable options for rapid weight loss.

Whether you compete in some form of martial arts or simply want to look good in your bikini next week, you can apply these techniques for shedding pounds quickly and naturally, without sabotaging your overall health.

Recently, while I was training for a boxing match, I had to lose 10 pounds.

Most people, when they need to lose weight quickly, choose to crash diet. The problem with crash-dieting is:

1. It destroys your energy, so you're unable to work out, you're not able to function at your normal operating capacity and your brain function doesn't seem to work near as high. (This is all because you're just lacking nutrients).

Then there's:sauna

2. Sweating it out, which is what alot of fighters do. They put on sauna suits or rubber suits and sit in
saunas in order to sweat out their weight. (Because the body generally will hold 10 pounds of water.) The same side effect of that is, is when you release all that water from your body, it's very hard for your body to communicate, deliver nutrients and oxygen--and it also causes you to be lethargic.

Think about a camel: a camel stores fat in its hump because it doesn't know when it's going to find food again.

Our bodies are very much the same way with water. Most people retain water because they don't actually drink enough of it.

It is one of our body's natural instincts to think, "I don't know if I have enough water, because I don't know when I'm going to come across it again. We have to hold on to this water to make sure that we have some in case there isn't any for a long time."

It's our body's natural way to adapt to our environment. So if you lived in a place where water wasn't available very often, and you came across it rarely, your body would naturally try to hold onto as much water as possible, so it would have it when it needed it.

But the way to stop that is to tell your body, "I have a ridiculous amount of water available to me," by drinking water all the time. Constantly.

When you drink a lot of water, your body will naturally respond. "I don't need to hold to any water, I have so much available, so I'll let it all go."

Then your body flushes the excess water naturally.

Body builders drink so much water right before a show--for the first five days of that week, or even the weeks coming up to it.

They also cut out sodium from their diet, because they don't want to be retaining any of the water.

And then, just a few days before the show, they cut their water down dramatically.

Their body is already in the habit of getting rid of all that water, so they're not holding anymore in, but their body will continue to flush the water out. So there'll be a few days where their body will have almost no water retained.

They  will be tired and lethargic because without water we just naturally are.

But then, after the show, they switch. As soon as they start drinking water again, their body will retain it, so they have to be careful.

What I did instead of crash-dieting or flushing my water out, is I diminished my calories a little bit and I cut out all carbohydrates.

Here's an example of what that does for you body: 

A girl who wants to get ready to go to the beach and wants to look as good as she can in a couple of days before, the best thing she can do is drink a lot of water right now and stop eating carbohydrates.

Those two things together will help her flush all of her water out and stop the water retention, so that she looks good in her bikini--or as least as good as she's going to look--for a few days.

So let's reiterate that for clarity's sake: 

To lose weight quickly and in a healthy way, drink lots of water and cut out carbohydrates.

This is not a long term solution for weight loss, but it will help you out if you're competing in martial arts or getting ready for the beach and need to lose some weight quickly.

low-carb-dietNow, you may be wondering:

Why do carbs make you retain water in your body?

Here's why:

Every cell in your body can use glucose. Glucose isn't found in carbohydrates. But for your cells to absorb the glucose, it needs insulin as a bonding agent to pull the glucose into the cells. So whenever you eat alot of carbohydrates, more insulin in produced. The problem with insulin is it's very inflammatory, so it causes your body to become inflamed--and when your body is inflamed, water retention is the natural side effect.

Is your body trying to hold onto the water to protect itself?

Yes, it's a self-defense mechanism. It's not that it would be bad, but we eat so many carbohydrates, that over time it can definitely be bad.

Diabetes is an inflammatory disease wherein cells eventually start to become resistant to insulin.

They're like, "I don't want anymore! Stop doing this to me!" Glucose starts showing up in the urine streams, and that's how we diagnose diabetes.

The glucose is just not being used.

But you can survive without glucose. You can survive on what is called 'key-tones', which means surviving off of fat instead. There's lots of ways the body will adapt to different environments, but cutting out glucose naturally brings down your water retention.

That's why the fad diets that are low-carb work great for so many people for the first two weeks, but then they stagnate out and don't continue to lose any weight. This is because they really had just lost water weight, not fat weight, which comes off slowly.

Healthy weight loss is at most 1-2 lbs of fat per week.

It's almost physically impossible to lose more than that.

1 pound of fat is around 3500 calories. So just to get that one pound of fat off over the course of the week, that means you have to burn about 500 calories deficient a day.

If you naturally burn 1200 calories, that means that you would need to eat 700-800 calories a day per week and still only lose 1 pound of fat.

It's a slow process, and most people aren't patient enough to do follow through with it.

If you have weight loss goals that you want to reach, just click here to contact me and I can help you get started or to follow through with your goals.

Yours in health, wellness and gratitude,

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